Growing Wandering Jew Plants – How To Grow Wandering Jew Plants

Growing Wandering Jew Plants: Wandering Jew plants also called Inch-Plant. Wandering Jew with botanical name Tradescantia zebrine. It is a commonly grown ornamental houseplant found worldwide.

It’s called zebrina because of its attractive zebra-patterned leaves. The lower surface of leaves showing purple and the upper surface are with different texture in white and green purple strips that’s making it more beautiful.

It is commonly grown in hanging pots. Also, grow in-ground soil or pot as well as in water. It is a very fast-growing and invasive plant because it regenerates easily and spreads very fast. That is why it’s called Wandering jew or an inch plant.

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How To Grow Wandering Jew Plants?

Wandering jew can grow easily in soil, hanging pot and in water. It can be easily propagated from cuttings near joints or nodes.

        1.  Prepare the moist soil and just insert cutting stems into the soil and it develops fast rooting and the results are almost 100%.

       2.  Another method you can lay on the cuttings on moist soil and cover their joints or nodes, it will start growing. It’s such an easy to propagate the plant. No need for any rooting hormone or no need to even strip the leaves.

       3.  The best method is to grow this plant is in water, just put stems in water and within a few days you will see the roots coming out.

Care for Wandering Jew Plant

       1.  It’s a zero maintenance plant and many of us might already know how easy it is to grow this plant.

      2.   It prefers bright indirect sunlight. For best growth and foliage colors keep it in a shady area or indirect sunlight.

Tips: Never keep it in direct sunlight, the purplish color fades and become more reddish color which destroys its original beauty.

       3.  They love to be kept moist all the time and daily watering not required as it easily survives in less water.

Tips: Grow it in water like money plants from cutting; you will see roots coming out within in few days. In water, they grow fast and their leaves look more beautiful and fresh.

      4.   They grow in any soil and the regular well-draining garden soil is recommended for faster growth.

      5.  Pruning required if they stop growing or any damaged leaves you to see.

Start growing in your garden and see the beauty of its leaf texture.

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