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Dragon fruit plant

Dragon fruit plant is also known as pitaya and they are kinds of cactus. The bloom of this plant makes it different and beautiful. Dragon fruit comes from a climbing vine cactus native to the tropical regions in nature.

  • As it’s a climbing cactus they need support while they grow.
  • The flower is the largest flower in the world.
  • It typically grows up along trees and rocks so it needs a very stable surface.
  • The dragon fruit prefers heat and about 40 to 60% shade.

Dragon Fruit Plant Propagate from Seeds

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Dragon fruit can grow from seeds. Cut the fruit and squeeze it and collect the pulp. Wash the pulp properly and dry it overnight. After this prepare a tray for germination. Put seeds on the top or close to the soil mix and cover it thin soil.

Cover it with plastic cover till germination. After this transplant it to the place where you want to grow.

Propagation from Cuttings

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 You can get a cutting from a dragon plant which ends dried up so this will help minimize contamination of your dragon fruit cutting from organisms or diseases. So make sure they already have like maybe three to four days dried up before you plant them.

About an inch or two inches just put your dragon fruit there in the soil and cover it up. After planting that just put a little bit of water because this one doesn’t need that much water. It doesn’t have any root yet so doesn’t need a lot of water.

Water it every third or fourth till you get a shoot or a new growth from your dragon fruit cutting. So once new growth comes, do the watering every third day for about two months. The shoot will come out in about four to five weeks.

Dragon Fruit Plant maintenance, Pruning, Flowering and Fruit Covering

  • Take care of your dragon fruit before the time of harvest. Taking care of dragon fruit is relatively easier compared to other plants. They’re best adapted to hot weather conditions because it can store its own water. Dragon fruit relies on rain for water supply. So there’s no need to water them except during extremely dry seasons.
  • There is also no need to constantly trim the grass around it this grass acts as a blanket for the dragon fruit against cold weather and against insects that may destroy. its stems and fruits about a month after planting stem.
  • Pruning can be conducted by checking the stamps of the dragon fruit. Remove the thinner ones and those growing on a direction away from the post constantly. Prune the stems of your dragon fruit to keep it healthy.
  • After eight months buds will now sprout from the thorns of the dragon fruit. Within two weeks these buds will begin to bloom dragon fruit. Flowers bloom around 6:00 in the evening by 6:00 in the morning. The following day it will already have dried up leaving.
  • The small fruit behind this small fruit will continue to grow. And the following days when the dragon fruit has grown into size as big as your fist it is ready to be covered with plastic covering. The dragon fruit will protect from insects that can destroy its quality.
  • Another way of protecting fruits from insects is by placing a bottle covered with attractant near the dragon fruit this will also serve as additional protection. For it can ensnare insects and trap them on it covering the fruits with plastic and placing attractants near it eliminates the need for pesticides and other chemicals. In this form, the dragon fruit remains organic which make it healthier and safer to consume after two weeks.
  • The unripe dragon fruits will already show a touch of red on it. After another three to four days the dragon fruits are ready for harvest. Dragon fruit farming requires minimal maintenance. This delicious fruit does not demand much in order to maintain its quality and nutritional value after a short amount of time.

Surprising Benefits of Dragon Fruit

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  • Dragon fruit naturally keeps your body hydrated and absorb the water-soluble vitamins while keeping you fully hydrated.
  • Dragon fruit improve healthy stomach. It helps with diarrhoea prevention.
  • Dragon fruit helps to reduce constipation, stabilized blood pressure, heals the liver syndrome, and reduces diabetic and cardiac stress.
  • Dragon fruit rich source of vitamin d which helps you to boost your body make you energetic.
  • Dragon fruit has antioxidants which help to reduce the aging process and prevent cell damage.
  • Dragon fruit reduces cancer risks.

If you had amazed by this dragon fruit richness benefit add them into your meals next time and keep your body stay healthy so keep growing dragon fruit in your garden.

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