10 Best Plants For Balcony Garden in India

Best Plants For Balcony Garden in India

Best Plants For Balcony Garden in India: Home is always a better place to calm down. Sitting in the balcony and enjoying the surround is a blessing. You can make your balcony more beautiful with a lit effort.

A place where you can set up according to your taste and mood so why not utilize the space with beautiful plants which give a beautiful environment and also gives you positive vibes? Isn’t it sound good…..?

Important of balcony garden

  • A balcony is a place where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings. Spend time and customize your thing according to your comfort and space.
  • The best thing about planting is it purifies the air. There are so many plants which help to purify the air which is proved by NASA.
  • Plants help to reduce stress and increase your positive energy.
  • You can grow fresh herbs in your balcony garden and consume them and start using organic food.
  • Plants keep the environment fresh and create a positive environment that helps you to keep your body fit and healthy.

What cares requires for the balcony Garden?

For choosing balcony plants you must be careful with the selection. When you purchase plants the size, growth of the plants, Color, the texture of the plants, Water consuming, Sunlight also keeps in mind.

1. Size, growth of the plants

As we grow plants in the balcony so it is important to choose the best plants for balcony gardens that grow easily and not acquire much space.  If you planning to hang plants then it is so important to keep in mind that it should not much heavy.

2. Color, the texture of the plants

When you sitting in the balcony the color and texture of the plants give you a positive vibe so choose plants with a mixed kind of color and texture so it grooms your balcony.

3. Sunlight

Sunlight is a factor for any plant. Some plants love full sunlight, some are shady lovers, some grow in indirect sunlight, so before planting, you must check how much sunlight falls on your balcony. Accordingly, you can purchase plants for your balcony.

4. Water

Watering is a more important part of planting. Every plant requires water for growth but few consume less and few consume more. Most of the balcony plants not require much watering.

10 Best Plants For Balcony Garden in India

10 Best Plants For Balcony Garden in India
Best Plants For Balcony Garden in India

There are so many plants that you can grow in your balcony. Here are some of the lists which require less care, purify air quality and also enhance your balcony.  

1. Snake plants:

Snake plants also called mother in laws tongue. It is best to plant for your home. Its absorb the toxin and chemical and purifies the air. It is the best purifier plant proved by NASA. It grows well in sunlight as well as in low light.

2. Spider plants:

It is the best purifier plant recommended by the NASA list. It grows easily and required less care in sunlight and shady area

3. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera found in every house. It is an antioxidant property and also has so many health benefits in it. It grows easily and requires less care. The plant doesn’t require much water when it dries you can water it.

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4. Money plants:

The money plant is also known as Pothos. The best air purifier and low maintenance plant grow in sunlight as well as in shady areas and in water too.

5. Syngonium:

It is the best to air purifier plant in NASA lists. It is the best antibacterial and inflammatory plant. Syngonium can grow in sunlight, shady light or indirect sunlight and it loves humidity. Grow in well drainage soil and not required much watering.

6. Jade Plant:

It is known as the Lucky plant and a succulent plant that requires less care. If you don’t have time but you love plant then it is the best plant for your garden.

7. Bougainvillea:

It is the best balcony plant that comes in different colors. The texture of the blooming flower enhances your balcony beauty. It grows in full sunlight and bloom in the year around.

8.  Asparagus Fern:

Asparagus Fern is a beautiful balcony plant because of its foliage. You can grow in a shady area. The plant loves humidity. You can grow in a small pot or in the hanging basket both will create beauty in your garden.

9. Portulaca:

Portulaca commonly known as moss rose. It comes in many colors with single and many layers. It grows in sunlight and not like much watering. A catchy colored plant and low maintenance plants enhance your balcony beauty.

10. Petunia

One of the best plants for balcony garden comes in different colors and with low maintenance care require. Best for hanging basket and doesn’t like wet much. It’s an annual plant and grows well in sunlight.  


Balcony must have drainage system so that time to time cleanliness done and too much watering and dirt cannot affect the plants. 

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