How to Grow Silver falls or Dichondra Argentea Plant

How to Grow Silver falls plant

Hey Gardners!!! Today we are going to discuss Silver falls Plant. In this article, We are looking How to grow Silver falls or Dichondra Argentea plant effectively and some free tips also.

Silver Falls or Dichondra Argentea Plant

Silver Falls is a foliage Ornamental flowering plant and is the best plant for any gardener. If you have enough space in your garden you can use this plant as ground cover or if any space issue you can use this plant in a hanging basket.

Its trailing growth makes your garden more beautiful. The silver-green foliage is evergreen and needs less care to grow. This tropical plant can survive in drought conditions.

Key Facts of Silver Falls / Dichondra Argentea

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Common Name:

  • Dichondra Argentea
  • Asian pony foot
  • Kidney weed


Herbaceous Perennial




Evergreen Silver Green Foliage


Greenish-yellow to white

Blooming Time:

Spring season


up to 3 ft

How to Grow Silver Falls / Dichondra Argentea Plant

Growing silver falls is easy and not need much care to maintain. This plant loves to grow in full sunlight as well as does well in partial sunlight.

The plant is a drought-tolerant plant but in the growing stage, it requires water in proper quantity.

This trails plant creates a pleasant environment in your home. Keep a hanging basket near a window or keep it on the tall table for its trail beauty.

The plant required well drainage soil and should be moist. Do not make the soil wet. Keep a day gap while watering this plant to prevent root rot.

It is heat and drought tolerant once it established and loves to grow in warm conditions. In the winter season, it requires less water.

These trailers can propagate by seeds or by simple layering on the ground.

Keep planter bigger as they need to grow fast and keep on height for their trails.

The plant needs extra care until plants established like to protect from the wind as they have a soft stem.

There are no ant toxic properties in this plant but a lit bit skin irritation when touching plant so wash your hand after handling this plant also keep it on height so that pet and children can’t be reachable to this plant.  


  • Ornamental
  • Garden Cover
  • Hanging Basket

Pest and Diseases:

No serious insects and diseases.

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Complete Guide: How to Grow and Care Lemongrass

How to Grow Lemongrass

Hey Gardners!!! Today we are going to discuss another interesting plant. And that is Lemongrass. We all know about lemongrass and its health benefits but we don’t know how to grow Lemongrass indoor or outdoor and how to care it. So let’s begin…


Lemongrass is a tropical plant and a natural repellant for mosquito. It has fragrant foliage like tangy flavor which is edible and also uses in medicine. It spikes foliage grow like a boat make it dense and beauty. For landscaping lemongrass also plant as it covers the area in a short time.

Family- Poaceae

Height- up to 8ft

Common Names of Lemongrass

  • Cochin grass
  • Cymbopogan
  • Silky heads
  • Oily heads
  • Malabar grass

How to Grow and Care Lemongrass?

 Lemongrass plant


Soil should be well drainage. Poor drainage soil can cause root rot. Keep soil moist always. Dry conditions can affect the leaves.    


Full water required for this plant. In the winter season make it moist but do not wet.

Light and temperature:

The plant loves to grow in full sunlight but does well in a shady area. In winter season plants can freeze due to temperature.

Size and Place: 

If you are planning to plant in a container keep container bigger at least it should be 12 inches tall. The bigger container will give enough space to lemongrass to grow.

lemongrass grow well on ground but if you plant in a container then keep in full sunlight so they get proper environment as they love to grow in full sunlight or in a shady area. So before planting check the place how much sunlight falls on the floor or where the container will be placed.


Lemongrass grows easily and required less care. Propagation of lemongrass is easy. When rootstalk becomes at least 1 inch and have some root grown.

Devise the stalk with root and dig into potting soil and keep in a shady area. Keep watering while it established.


Harvest when plant become tall at least 12 inches tall or stem become thick. The better taste gives once the bottom side stalks become thick. Harvest the tip of the leaves and store it to use. If you pull the whole stem by mistake don’t worry the stem will grow.

Tips: Lemongrass leaves are very sharp-edged so be careful while harvesting or cutting the stem or pulling the stalk.

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How to store lemongrass?

  • Harvest the lemongrass once it tall 12 inches or stalk became at least thick around ½ inches thick.
  • Cut the stem or pull the stalks from the ground. Clean the stalk and remove the first layer of the stalk and cut into slices and store it into freeze. Use it whenever you want to use it in cooking like in stir-fries or salad.
  • Cut the leaves from the tip of the grass and clean it and store it in freeze you can use these fresh leaves or frozen or dry leaves in tea or in warm water which is healthy detox tea.

Uses of Lemongrass:

Uses in ornamental plant and can cover ground easily and looks dense area.

1. Cooking

Stalk- Uses as a salad or stir-fries.

Leaves- Uses in tea or water for a tangy lemon flavor.

2. Medicine

Uses in:

  • Ayurvedic medicine
  • Soap
  • Scent
  • Essential oils

Health Benefits


1. Lemongrass is rich sources of vitamins A, B, C, and minerals. It has Antifungal, Antioxidant properties.

2. Better for skin and hair, Cold and flu, Lemongrass fights Cancer.

3. It helps to boost the immune system. It also helps in insomnia, nervous system.

4. It helps indigestion, nausea, constipation, stomach aches.

5. Prevents stomach infection, ulcers, and it is the best to detox for the body which helps to flush the toxin from the body and maintain digestive system.

Common problems

  • Lemon grassroots grow fast and become very dense in the pot so always check the pot as the dense root can make pot crack.
  • Start growing this medicinal herb in your garden as it is a natural repellant for mosquito and add in your diet to keeps yourself healthy.

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