Top 5 CO3 Grass Seeds Online India in 2022

Online selling and buying today is easier and a way through which we can reduce our stress and time. For this, Amazon is the answer and it is the leading online selling company and website. Even Farmers become more intelligent enough to buy online farming-related products. 

Pet animals like cows, goats, sheep, buffalo require grass feed. Today with such science and technology, animal feed production is very easy. Grass and other cross products can be grown in a field with a higher content of nutrients. CO3 Grass Seed is one of the types of grass seed. 

CO3 Grass Seeds

Grass seeds become more popular now because of its less space-high yield quality. In that context, Various grass seed types are being produced in which CO3 type of grass seed is popular and more efficient. High nutrition is never been a compromise with these grass products. 

CO3 is a cross hybrid between Bajra (Pennisetum americanum L.) and a selection of a common Napier (Pennisetum purpureum Schum). This grass is suitable for all weather conditions and a variety of soils. This grass is developed by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India in 1997.

Top 5 CO3 Grass Seeds Online India in 2021

Here is this article, We have given the Top 5 CO3 grass seeds from which you can select and make an easier task for buying such grass product. 

1. Farm Seeds Grass (Barmuda) 250gm Seed

This is the type of Hybrid Organic Farm Seeds that is provided by Farm Seeds. “Farm seeds” is one of the leading brands which provides Bermuda hybrid grass. Yielding and growth rate is anyway higher and its quality is better as nutrition is in the focus. This product can be cultivated in approx. 150 sq.ft. empty area. 


  • This Bermuda grass (A-Grade) will be grown in 125 – 175 sq. ft. 
  • Superior quality, tested, and Open Pollinated GMO-Free.
  • Mostly suitable for warm seasons and can be grown in tropical, subtropical zones. 
  • This grass may spread by rhizomes and stolons.
  • It is drought-tolerant.


  • Manufacturer – Deepak Enterprises
  • Product dimensions – 24.52 x 14.6 x 2 cm
  • Product weight – 240 gm

2. Intagrofarms Australian Red Napier (Pennisetum purpureum Cross)

Intagrofarms is one of the most popular brands for providing hybrid fodder grass slips. Their product is Australian Red Napier (Pennisetum purpureum Cross) grass slips. These slips can be grown in a variety of soils and conditions. This is a cross-product so the yield rate is definitely high and growth can be valued for your money. 


  • Australian Red Napier hybrid grass is a perennial green fodder that can be grown up to 8-10 feet tall. 
  • Higher Number of leaves per plant (400-450). Leaf length is 110-115cm.
  • It contains sufficient protein content (8-11%) and it can be high up to 18.26%.
  • The best feed for cows, sheep, buffalo, and goats.
  • Drought-Resistant, highly re-generative, deeply rooted grass product. 
  • 5 years growth & possibility of annually 7-8 cuts.


  • Manufacturer – Intagro
  • Number of slips – 100

3. IAgriFarm African Tall Maize/Fodder Maize/Makka (Zea Mays) Fodder Seeds Pack of 1 Kg

IAgriFarm brand is a shorter name of Indian Agri Farm. They are providing the African Tall Maize/Fodder Maize/Makka (Zea Mays) Fodder Seeds Online. These grass seeds are well suitable for a variety of soils and different weather conditions. This is a good feed for buffalo, cows, sheep, and goats. Sowing is also very simple for these seeds.


  • African fodder maize is a green fodder and can be cultivated in warm temperature conditions (15 to 40 degree)
  • Silage making and maize flour is also easily done with this crop.
  • deeply rooted, high yield product. 
  • High nutritional content, crude protein is highly obtained.


  • Manufacturer – Indian Agri Farm
  • Product weight – 400 gm
  • Product Dimensions – 10 x 8 x 2 cm

4. PEARL NATURAL’S Co (FS) 29 Multicut green fodder Sorghum Seeds

Green Fodder sorghum seeds for pet animals are provided online by Pearl naturals. You can easily grow them in variety of soils and all different weather conditions. Sowing and nurturing the seeds is very easy. This is best suitable feed for cow, buffalo, goat, sheep. This product is well known for its high yielding rate and best quality seeds.


  • Long durable crop product. Its survival is up to 4 years. You can take the cut 6-7 times in a year. 
  • The first harvest could be possible in 60-70 days after sowing. 
  • It contains high fiber, protein, and dry matter content. 
  • Germination rate (up to 95%) is high as compared to other same quality products. 
  • The seed Rate is 4kg per acre. 
  • Very less leaf blade and high growth rate. 


  • Manufacturer – PEARL NATURAL’S
  • Product Dimensions – 15.1 x 13.4 x 3.4 cm;
  • Product Weight – 240 Grams

5. Sorghum Sudangrass Hybrids Seed For Growing – 500 Gms

Sorghum Sudangrass hybrid seeds are mostly preferable for farmers to grow grass in a very limited area. For this purpose, and online purchasing possibility, OMG Organic seeds are coming nicely come ahead to sell. They provide the sorghum seeds, a package of 500 gm weight. It is well Suitable as a feed for cow, sheep, goat and buffalo. It is a Cross Between Sorghums Grown For Forage and a Type Of Grass Called Sudan Grass.


  • It is a fast-growing annual crop.
  • Deeply rooted as it strives in dry season also. Drought-tolerant.
  • Germination rate is higher also yields up to 8-10 ft tall.
  • Best suitable for wet as well as dry season conditions.


  • Manufacturer – DMS Global Trader
  • Item Dimension – 8 × 5 × 1 cm
  • Product weight – 490 gm

There is a Legal Disclaimer for all the CO3 grass seeds or any other type of grass seeds that have been suggested towards the germination rate. The germination rate may vary depending upon various extreme conditions. 

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