Best Summer flowers in India

Everyone wants to see the beautiful scenery of green and colorful flowers in summer. But not many trees remain green and not many flowers bloom during this season. But there are some flowers that bloom in summer. Which you can plant in your home, garden or yard. Some are planted in the summer season.

Today we are going to tell you about some of the plants that bloom in summer.


The height of amaranth plant is about two to three feet. The leaves of this tree are colorful. Which makes it look great. The flowers that bloom on its tree are red, white and pink. You can plant this plant in your garden, patio or pot and keep it anywhere.


Gelardia is a flower found in the United States. Which belongs to the flowering species of sunflower. Its flowers look like sunflowers. Which looks red, yellow. You can plant it in your home, garden or other place. But some farmers in the state make a profit by farming. It can be taken in any season. Its trees tolerate heat.


Gomphrena flowers are also called button flowers. Its trees are found to be two to three feet long. Which can be grown in any season. Its flowers look round. The colors are pink, white and purple. People usually plant them in their home and garden.


The plants of this species spread like grass on the surface of the soil. Its seedlings can be transplanted by seeds and cuttings. Its trees have flowers of almost all colors. Whose size is small, large and normal. Its plant can grow at any time. Its seedlings can also be planted as a decoration in the room.


Plants of this species are grown in the form of seeds. Its seedlings are found to be about two feet in length. Its trees have red, pink, yellow and orange flowers. Its trees look like bunches.


Marigold flowers

Marigold flowers can be taken in any season of the year. Its flowers come in many shapes and colors. Its trees can grow up to two to three feet in height. In summer, its flowers have a distinct freshness. The scent of its flowers permeates the surroundings. Its flowers can be planted anywhere in the house. Besides, its flowers are also cultivated. This helps the farmers financially.


Kaner flowers are also called oleander. Both its roots and seeds are poisonous. Its trees are found up to 10 feet long. Flowers always bloom on its seedlings in summer. The colors are white, red, pink and yellow. Its plants and flowers are also used in medicine. It is best to plant it in the summer season. Its seedlings do not need any kind of care.


Gladiolus is the most prominent cut flower in the world. The flowers on the trees come in the branches of the tree, they bloom slowly. The blossoms on its branch look like stars. So people use it for home decoration and to enhance the beauty of gardens. The flowers on the trees are red, blue, pink, green and yellow. Apart from this it is also cultivated in some places in India. This gives good income to the farmers.


There are more than 50,000 species of dahlias worldwide. Its plant is considered to belong to the sunflower family. Whose tree bears flowers of almost all colors except indigo. Its flowers come in many shapes and sizes. Its seedlings range in length from two and a half to three meters. Which can also be applied during the summer season to decorate homes and enhance the beauty of the garden.


Evergreen plants can be grown in any season of the year. Flowers are more abundant with constant watering at the right time during the summer season. Its trees are one to two feet long. On which flowers of different colors bloom throughout the year. Eight species of this plant are found. Which can be kept anywhere in the house, garden or pot. Its plants have many medicinal properties. Therefore, it is used in many diseases. Its leaves contain the alkaline substance vinicarstein, which is most effective against leukemia.


Potentella is a very common plant. On which yellow and red flowers appear. Its flowers are kept away from strong sunlight. In summer, the plant gets more flowers. Its seedlings can be planted in gardens or for home decoration.


Sunflower plants are found up to three meters in length. The leaves of this tree are large in size. Its flowers look yellow. Its seedlings need sunlight. Its flower leans towards the sun. Its seedlings can be planted in summer to enhance the beauty of the garden. But now its flowers are being grown on a large scale for the oil found in its seeds. Oil is extracted from its seeds. Which is used in many ways in food and medicine. His plant does not need much care. This plant is very easy to grow.


Hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus is a versatile plant. The plant is used for making tea, paper and medicines. In addition to this, it is believed that thinning the flowers and leaves and applying it on the hair will stop hair loss. Its flowers are large in size. In which more than five petals are found. The flowers are pink, red, yellow and purple. The central part of which has been found to be of different colors. More than 200 species of its plants are found. Its seedlings can be planted in any season. Planting its seedlings in the house or in the garden in summer enhances the beauty of both.

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