How to Grow and Care Rheo plant or Oyster plant?

Hello Gardeners!!! Today we are hitting you with another interesting and amazing plant. that is Rheo plant or Oyster plant. Today we are going to see about features and how to grow and care for our plant. so further any due, let’s begin…

About Rheo / Oyster plant

Rhero is drought tolerant plant. This is one of the common plant found in every garden. If you don’t have space in your house and planning for vertical garden then this is one the best plant to grow. This plant need less care to grow.

It requires full sunlight and partial sunlight but also can grow easily indoor in bright light. Rheao is an ornamental plant and usually used for garden cover like border garden can cover ground easily also used for hanging basket. It grow up to 1.5 ft  tall. The plant grows slow and in winter can be frost in low temperature.

The tricolor makes it more beautiful and less care is become more popular and demanding plant for every gardener.


  • Origin –Mexico
  • Family –Commelinaceae
  • Tricolor foliage
  • Flower – white and bloom all year around
  • Slow growth habit
  • Low care

Common name:

  • Boat Lilly
  • Moses –in-the- cradle
  • Moses- in- the- basket
  • Oyster plant
  • Rheo Discolor
  • Rheo Tricolor
  • Rheo Spathacea
  • Spiderwort

How to grow and care Rheo plant/Oyster Plant?

Rheo plant

Rheo plant can survive in drought condition as they love to grow in full sunlight and less water but sometimes without care and information it stated dying. Let’s talk about some basic care about Rheo….


As this is one of the droughts plant it grow in dry condition so water it when the surface dry. Over watering will cause of root rot and start dry also the fungal will affect. So avoid much watering it.


It can tolerate full sunlight and also does well in partial sunlight. If you are planning as indoor keep at windowsill or where bright sunlight falls on. That will perfect location for this plant.


This plant can grow in any kind of soil but it must be well drainage and not be wet. Soggy soil can be affecting the root rot.


Rhea plant does not need much care for grow. To maintain the growth and soil properties fertilize it in spring or summer season I liquid form to easily dilute.

Propagation of Rheo Plant:

Propagation is by stem cutting or dividing baby plants or by seeds. Cut a stem from the mother plant and plant into moist soil and cover with plastic cover and place it aside to grow. This plant grows so many baby plants on the bottom side. 

it’s called a baby plant or plantlets. While repotting divide the baby plant which have roots. All baby plants have grown roots. Divide this baby plant and plant it soil. Water it while in till it established.


Repotting required when the overgrown condition and there is no place to grow a new plant. Young plant can transplant once in a year and the taller or old plant can transplant in 3 year.

While repotting remove all dry leaves from the bottom of stem and check the root rot if any root rot happen remove the affected parts.

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Common problems:

  • Mealybugs and spidermites insects can affect this plant.
  • Leaves started brown and dry which is affect of too much sunlight effect.
  • Root rot cause of over watering or soggy soil.
  • Neck rot cause of over watering and low humidity.


  • Uses as an ornamental,
  • ground cover garden,
  • hanging basket.


  • Keep away your children and pets from the plant it may cause of skin irritation from sap or eaten leaves.
  • All pats are poisonous so be careful while handling Rheo plant. Wash your hand after handling Rheo plant.

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