Outdoor skirting boards: ideas and solutions (2021)

In the realization of our outdoor environments , it may happen that we do not pay particular attention to the finishes. Nothing could be more wrong of course, in fact the finishes are important elements that allow you to give continuity to the environment, to create the right harmony, to enhance the environment making it really highly sought after and simply impeccable.

Among the finishes that we should never forget there is for example the skirting board .

The skirting board is an element that is not lacking in any room of the house, but it is often forgotten in the creation of the garden. The outdoor skirting board, on the other hand, is very important, capable of giving the general appearance of the house the elegance that we are all looking for and ideal even if you have to pass some wire near the wall of the house that you do not want to be visible to the naked eye.


Not only that, the skirting board can also help if you need to hide some small flaws in the lower areas of the external walls of the house.

Now that it is clear why the skirting board is so important, let’s discover all the characteristics of outdoor skirting boards .

Outdoor skirting board: the materials

Outdoor skirting boards are available in many different materials such as, for example, wood suitably treated to be able to withstand all weather conditions, porcelain stoneware, porphyry.

Obviously the choice is mandatory , that is , the skirting board must necessarily be chosen in the exact same material used for the construction of the external flooring .

Don’t have floors outside the house? Have you decided to create just a nice green garden or at most a driveway with simple gravel? Then the decision of the skirting board is not at all obligatory, but it is always advisable to try to opt for a material that is as much as possible in line with the rest of the environment.

Whatever material you choose, it is obvious that its most important feature must be resistance to atmospheric agents, not only to rain, but also to cold, frost, high temperatures.

Outdoor skirting on the terraces

Obviously, the outdoor skirting board is an element that can also find space on balconies and terraces , not only in gardens.

The same considerations we have just made apply : it is therefore necessary to choose a material that is as in line as possible with the other materials present, especially as regards the flooring, and it is important that it is a material capable of resisting atmospheric agents. .

If the terrace is in a sheltered position and has a cover that keeps rainwater, snow and ice away, then it is also possible to dare with slightly more delicate materials.

Attention, often on balconies and terraces there is a tendency to place potted plants very close to the skirting board area. We recommend avoiding that the pots remain in contact with the skirting board, leaving at least 1 cm of distance.

The installation of outdoor skirting boards


If you believe that you are not able to install the skirting board in a completely autonomous way in the garden or on the balcony of the house, you can obviously always rely on a professional who will do the work for you.

professional in the sector will guarantee you a precise , clean and fast work and you will not go to spend an exaggeration, give us.

However, those who want to try their hand at this job can do it without great difficulty also thanks to the numerous products available on the market today that are able to greatly simplify any kind of renovation work.

After choosing the skirting board, then go to any do-it-yourself shop and, obviously asking for help from the shop assistants, look for a glue specially designed for this type of work.

Then all you have to do is spread the glue and place the baseboard on it. The only caution to keep is precision: in case you do not have a good eye it is good to help yourself with visual guides, perhaps making marks on the wall before proceeding. The glue will need to dry, but it usually doesn’t take long to do so. Remember to do this work on a warm and sunny day .

Here’s everything you need to know about outdoor skirting boards for gardens and balconies.

Try this DIY job and enrich your home with a simply beautiful skirting board! Which material did you choose? Tell us about your projects and share your creative ideas with us.

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