Top 7 Lucky plants that bring wealth and prosperity into your home in 2019

Do you know that apart from aesthetics and freshness plants also has the power to attract health, wealth, love, prosperity or in short good luck into your home?

So if you are looking to spruce up your home to welcome 2019 with stylish decor bubbling with fresh energy and positive green vibe all around then bring home these seven plants and welcome home good luck along with it.

Top 7 Lucky plants

1.Money Plant-

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The name says it all. the money plant produces positive energy and brings in prosperity and wealth into the home. Money trees are made by braiding many money plants when it is still young and tender.

However, it is advisable to braid together an odd number of money plants to create one money tree and even numbers of money plants are not considered to be auspicious. The best thing about money Plant is that it can grow easily which require moderate sunlight and water.

2. Lucky Bamboo-

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It is a low-maintenance plant to bring home luck. It considers bringing an immense looking home. Each bamboo stick has its own importance. Its arrangement holds significance and has a specific role to play in your home. To keep the bamboo stick in a vase with stones in the water to bring in happiness wealth and longevity. Put three sticks in the base. Five is for wealth. Six is for good luck. Seven is for health for growth. Eight and ten is for everything you want from life.

If you want to bring in great health and wealth in your home opt for large faced with 21 bamboo sticks in. It takes good care of the plant. Change the water regularly and keep it out of too much sunlight. Lucky bamboo grows well and moist and cool climate.

3. Orchid-

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The Greeks during the ancient times associated orchid with fertility and virility. They knew the magical quality of this fragrant leaf fresh and beautiful flower which is believed to bring in love rekindle the romance and deepen the friendship keeping it alive. The presence of orchid in the home soothes the soul and brings in peace.

4. Rubber Plant-

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Love and peace property resides where rubber plant grow. The leaves of rubber plants represent wealth and money. It grow well endure and can be placed in any spot to reap. It is advisable to place the rubber plant in the wealth corner of your home in the southeast area of the room or in the entrance hall of your home.

To reap the maximum benefit from it and assure that your house is filled with wealth and prosperity all through 2019 five attract positivity through the palm trees though the size of the

5. Palm plants-

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It can be sometimes intimidating as an indoor plant but then now the palms can be grown with controlled size even the smaller version of the palm is available in nursery and gardens. Palm trees have the power to enhance the aesthetic of space with their beautiful personality.

It is also believed to attract positive energy and radiate it around it. Palms also activate or add any inactive or missing positive energy in the home.

6. Snake Plants-

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Popularly known as mother-in-law. If you want to get rid of toxins from your home start growing snake plants. This plant has the ability to remove the toughest of toxins from the air. Its natural air purifier and also adds natural humidity.

The cleaning character of this plant makes it a must for every home especially in today’s world where the air is laden with pollutants and is full of pollution. This plant is considered to be a good luck plant because of its ability to absorb and clean the home from toxins and poisonous gas.

7. Jade plant-

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Let’s welcome home success and prosperity with jade plant. Green and the luxurious jade plant can live long in the right condition and with minimum care. It is believed to bring home good luck, success and prosperity along with it.

You can give it to your loved ones as a thoughtful gesture to as far as your home is considered. You may keep this plant near the entrance and it will attract success prosperity and good luck inside your home.

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