How to Revive a dying Lucky Bamboo plant using simple 4 steps

Are you worried to see your lucky bamboo plant leaves have turning yellow and about to die? No worries, we will guide you on how to revive this lucky bamboo plant step by step.

How to revive a dying Lucky Bamboo plant-

Step 1-

First of all, take each and every lucky bamboo stalks and remedy yellow leaves from the lucky bamboo and then separate the good lucky bamboo stalks into a separate container.

Step 2-

After separating the lucky bamboo stalks into a separate container now it’s the time to prepare a special medium to grow the dying bamboo plant.
 Aloe vera gel
 Rooting hormone powder
 Water

Take a little bit of aloe vera gel into a container. Aloe vera gel is a very good medium for growing like a bamboo plant especially when your plant is in dying condition. Add a little bit of rooting hormone powder into the aloe vera gel. This mix provides enough nutrients for growth to dying bamboo sticks and grows new rooting from the sticks.

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Step 3-

Add a little bit of water into aloe vera gel and rooting hormone powder mixture. Now the potting mix medium is ready. Add the prepared potting medium into the growing container.

Step 4-

Take out all the little bamboo stalks and put into a growing container with this potting mix and add some water into this container. Now you can place the lucky bamboo stalks in a shaded area and it’s ready to grow again this lucky bamboo in this medium.

Tips– Use pure water for growing like bamboo which is the purest form of the water available.
This is how you can revive a dying lucky bamboo plant using simple 4 steps

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