How do you Build a Vertical Garden wall?

Nowadays, due to the lack of space in the houses and flats of people living in big cities, vertical gardening is becoming popular, in which different types of plants can be planted in less space. This type of gardening is best for both indoor and outdoor, in which you can grow more variety of trees and plants in less space.

The special thing about the vertical garden is that instead of growing trees and plants on the ground, they are grown on the boundary wall or walls of the house, due to which the unused space of the house is also used. How do you Build a Vertical Garden wall? at home, read the complete article to know the tips and methods of preparing a vertical garden.

What Is Vertical Garden?

If you live in urban areas where there is not much space for gardening, you can still grow plants of your choice vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, etc. very easily. Planting trees and plants in indoor or outdoor walls, windows with hanging pots, and pots in grow bags or plant stands is called vertical gardening, and the garden thus formed is called a vertical garden, also known as vertical garden or vertical garden. is called.

Tips For Preparing A Vertical Garden

Creating a vertical garden is part of beautifying an indoor or outdoor location. You can prepare a vertical garden or vertical garden to plant more trees in less space in your home. Follow the following tips to prepare an indoor or outdoor vertical garden at home:

• Choose a location for vertical gardening

• Use beautiful hanging pots or pots

• Choose plants

• Prepare the soil for planting

• Place the plants according to their needs

• Take care of plants regularly

• Use a plant stand to plant small plants

Choose A Location For Vertical Gardening

To make vertical gardening or vertical garden, first, you have to choose the places where you want to plant the plants. To prepare a vertical garden and to plant plants, such a place should be chosen, where the plants can get the conditions as per their requirement for growing.

Use Beautiful Hanging Pots For Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening is not only for planting trees and plants, but it also works to decorate your home or any outdoor wall with colorful pots and plants in them. While preparing a vertical garden, you can not only plant trees as per your wish, but you can also use pots of many sizes and colors. For this you can use thermoform pots, geo fabric grows bags, plastic hook hanging pots or the best hanging pocket grow bags for vertical gardening. Some of the major vertical wall hanging grow bags are as follows:

4 Pockets Vertical Geo Fabric Grow Bag

12 Pockets Vertical Geo Fabric Grow Bag

24 Pockets Vertical Geo Fabric Grow Bag

36 Pockets Vertical Geo Fabric Grow Bag

Wall Garden Hanging 24 Pockets Horizontal Planter

Choose Plants For Vertical Gardening

For a vertical garden, you can choose the plants according to the chosen location, where the plants can get sunlight, temperature, water, etc. as per their requirement. In this, you can plant different types of flower plants, creeper vegetables, herbs, decorative plants, etc. Some of the major plants to plant in a vertical garden are as follows:

Decorative Plants For Vertical Gardening

Planting small trees and plants in vertical gardening or vertical garden is the best option to enhance the beauty of your garden. Following are the names of some of the major decorative plants that you can plant in your vertical garden:

• Money Plant

• Snake Plant

• areca palm

• Bamboo Plant

• Bonsai plant

• bunny ear cactus

• Aloe vera

• Peace lily

• pothos

• String of pearls

Flowering Plants For Beautiful Vertical Garden

To enhance the beauty of the house and to prepare a vertical garden, it would be best to plant creeper flower plants or small-sized flowering plants for hanging pots. You can use the following flower plants for your vertical garden:

• Gerbera

• Dianthus

• Lavender

• Pansies

• Daisy

• Chrysanthemum

• Geraniums

• calendula

• Petunia

• Portulaca

• Begonia

• Verbena

• Sweet Alyssum

Note – Apart from this, you can also plant creeper flower plants to prepare a vertical garden in your home.

Vegetable Creeper Plants For Vertical Garden

If you’re planning on planting vegetable plants in a vertical garden, it’s best to plant vine-grown vegetables in containers or grow bags, and use a creeper net to support the vine. You can plant the following vegetable plants in a vertical garden, such as:

• Bottle Gourd

• Beans

• Cucumber

• Bitter Gourd

• Peas

• Lobia

• Cluster Beans

• Ridge Gourd

Soil For Vertical Garden

Since you have chosen the right places, plants, and pots to plant in the vertical garden, it is time to plant the plants in the pots. For this, first, we have to prepare the soil keeping in view the growing condition of the plants. Most of the plants are well-drained sandy loam soil.

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