How to Grow Hosta? Easy Tips.

A hosta are a wonderful group of plants although they do flower. They are generally grown for their unusual leaves which come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes. Colors range from light green to dark even blue-green or chartreuse. Some leaves are extremely large, some are waxy or wavy and others have attractive edgings and markings in white or cream.

How to Grow Hosta?

Hosta flowers are white or lavender and some are extremely scented. They look like little bells hanging from a tall stalk. Some gardeners do not care for the tall stalks and cut the flowers off this will not harm the plant but leave the blooms alone and enjoy them when the blooms are spent then cut the stalks down right off at the bottom.

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Hostas are not difficult to grow but are site-specific and they require shade or at least part shade. They are vigorous growers but simply cannot handle the direct hot Sun. Sun positions will burn the leaves in a very short time they also require a good rich moist soil. Soil should be well drainage. During the winter months, they really are an ideal plant for woodland gardens and shady corners depending on the cultivar used.

They can be specimens are used as edging. They are also effective when grown in large containers. Hostas are virtually carefree they can grow for years without needing dividing. Leaves will mush down to nothing when you decide to divide your hasta.

It is best done in the spring as soon as you can see the new growth emerging the leaves will break away from the crown to be composted. Leave them alone until the spring when there is very little left to card away before the new growth emerges depending where you live.

Tips:-Slugs and snails can be a problem especially in the spring bear baits so work quite well as does handpick other than that they are pretty much pests and disease-free.

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