How to Grow Grapes in Terrace Gardening?

Generally, whenever it comes to agriculture, the first thing that comes to our mind is… cultivable land, good plant, a good irrigation system, other requirements, etc. But apart from traditional farming, cultivation can also be done in a small garden and pots on the house terrace.

Yes, any plant can be grown in pots at home. For example, grape plants can also be grown. Lots of people are doing terrace gardening and growing grapes on their terraces. In this Article, let us know how to grow grapes in terrace gardening.

How to grow grapes in terrace gardening?

Choose plants from the Nursery

According to Gardners, grapes can be easily grown in grow bags with a little care. Grapes can be planted both from cuttings and seeds, but Gardner says that with this technique, it takes a long time for the vines to bear fruit. In such a situation, it is right to plant saplings from the nursery to get early fruits.

If the plant brought from the nursery is well taken care of, then the vines will start bearing fruit in three years.

Process of growing grapes in terrace gardening?

• While buying a plant from the nursery, keep in mind that the plant is healthy.

• Use 20% sand, 30% compost, and 50% soil to prepare the potting mix.

• First keep the plant in its size, then as the plant starts to grow, then keep repotting accordingly.

• Now after about 2 years, shift the plant to a 24-inch grow bag or pot.

• Keep the grape plants in such a place where sunlight comes well and keep irrigating little by little in it every day. Its plants require 6-7 hours of sunlight.

• Manure is very important for plants. In such a situation, add good potassium and boron fertilizer to the grape plant.

• After six months its vines start growing. In such a situation, let those vines climb up with the help of a wire.

• Make sure the main stem remains the same. This will create more vines on the top.

• Birds also start coming to the garden from grape vines. In such a situation, when the plant starts bearing fruits, wrap it with a cloth or handkerchief so that the birds do not eat them.

• Rainy season is perfect for growing grape plants.

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Juicy grapes are not only beautiful in appearance but also very good in taste. If you are also fond of eating grapes, then how to grow grapes in terrace gardening by adopting the above-mentioned methods?

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