Top 5 Cheap Poly Grow Bags Online India 2021 Buying Guide

Hello Gardeners, Today we have bought to you Top 5 Cheap Poly Grow Bags Online India 2021 Buying Guide.

Nowadays, There are trends about gardening and all stuff. Organic food and vegetables are just grown inside terrace balcony. Fresh food makes us alive as well as We strive for good gardening habit. 

Also, Plant pots are becoming old fashioned. With all the technology and material science, Poly Grow bags productions have increased in a great proportion.

What is Grow bags?

Grow bags are plastic fabric reinforced bags which are capable of holding a lot of soil into them. Its filled with a growing medium and used for growing plants, usually vegitable plants.

So We are privileged for giving you information about the Top 5 Cheap Poly Grow Bags Online India 2021,  it’s all features as well as buying descriptions. 

Top 5 Grow Bags Online India

Grow BagsDimension
of Bags
Item WeightPrice
Cocogarden Medium Size
Poly Grow Bags
24 x 24 x 40 cm8390gmCheck
YUVAGREEN Terrace Gardening
Leafy Vegetable Green Grow Bag
30 × 30 x 30 cm10730gmCheck
Trust Basket Poly Grow Bags UV Stabilized20 ×20 × 20 cm10800gmCheck
Voolex Terrace Gardening
HDPE Grow Bags
25 × 15 × 10 cm101kgCheck
Leafy Tales Terrace Gardening
HDPE Green Grow Bag
23 ×23 ×23 cm8450gmCheck

1. Cocogarden Medium Size Poly Grow Bags 24 x 24 x 40 cms, White, Pack of 8

Cocogarden is a leading manufacturer and dealer in garden products. They come up this time with Poly Grow Bags. These bags are highly protective and long durable.

Amazon online platform is used for selling this pack of 8 grow bags. We generally know that white colour is non changeable due to sunlight. So white grow bags would have more scope for sale. If you buy these grow bags, Imagine How beautiful your terrace garden Will be! 


  • Impressive look and Double colored (white outside + black inside)
  • Black colour provides more protection to the roots from sunlight.
  • Grow Bag has drain hole for extra water accumulation.
  • Less Space Is Required
  • Re usable after cleaning


  • Product Name – Cocogarden Grow Bags
  • Dimension: 24cm x 24cm x 40cm 
  • Thickness: 550 gauge
  • Material: UV treated plastic
  • No. of Bags : 8
  • Item Weight (1 unit) : 390 gm ( for 8 bags )

2. YUVAGREEN Terrace Gardening Leafy Vegetable Green Grow Bag

Yuvagreen is known for the  production of grow bags which are good for home gardening, terrace gardening, balcony – roof gardening and kitchen gardening, So It is the best suitable product for home gardening.

This product is available on Amazon online shopping and it comes with the pack of 10 bags. You can grow any type of plant like vegetable, fruit and flower plant into it. 


  • Thick, Durable and UV stabilized grow bags. 
  • The colour of the bags is Green. 
  • Maximum durability is 5 to 6 years. You can use afterwards also if properly used and cleaned. 
  • Suitable for extreme Hot and cold weather. 


  • Product Name – Yuvagreen Grow bags
  • Dimensions – (H×W) – 30cm × 30cm
  • Material – UV treated/stabilized fabric
  • No. of Bags – 10
  • Item Weight (1 unit) – 730 gm (for 10 bags)

3. Trust Basket Poly Grow Bags UV Stabilized -10 Qty.

Trust Basket Poly Grow Bags are most convenient bags of its class. Top Quality polythene material is used for manufacturing these bags. Now these bags are available on Amazon online shopping site and if you are interested then Bags will be yours.

These bags are UV stabilized  so protection from direct sunlight is kept in rule. You can plant fruit, vegetables and flower plants into it. These bags are the best alternatives for plant pots.


  • Thick and Durable Bags of reinforced seams and stitched corners.
  • Contains Drain holes for extra accumulation of water.
  • UV stabilized and black colour at inner side. 
  • Lesser Space is required to keep – in.
  • Reuseable after cleaning.


  • Product Name – Trust Basket Poly Grow bags.
  • Material – UV Stabilized polythene
  • Dimensions – (L×W×H) – 20cm×20cm×20cm
  • No. of Bags – 10

4. Voolex Terrace Gardening HDPE Grow Bags for Vegetable Plant

Voolex is the best brand of grow bags if you want long durabilty. These bags are made up of HDPE which is best in quality and is giving worth regarding with high protection from sunlight. These bags are now online on Amazon online shopping platform.

You can easily grow vegetable, fruit and flower plants into it. Terrace gardening, Home and kitchen gardening are now easily accessible with these grow bags. 


  • Thick and durable.
  • High quality material HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is used for manufacturing of these grow bags. 
  • Reuseable after cleaning and washing.
  • Maximum depth is given. (12 inches)
  • Less Space is required.


  • Product Name – Voolex grow bags
  • Dimensions – (L×W×H) – 25cm × 15cm × 10cm ( approx.)
  • Depth – 12 inches.
  • Material – High Density Poly Ethylene.
  • No. of Bags – 10
  • Manufacturer – coir garden
  • Item Weight ( 1 unit ) – 1 kg 10 g (for 10 bags)

5. Leafy Tales Terrace Gardening HDPE Green Grow Bag (9″ X 9″) – (Pack of 8)

Leafy Tales grow bags are long durable and perfectly fit for Terrace Gardening, Rooftop gardening, Balcony Gardening and Home gardening.

This product is now available online on Amazon shopping site. It is best and suitable in all weather conditions. You can grow vegetable, fruit, and flower plants into it. 


  • Made up with HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) of 220 GSM
  • Long durable upto 5 to 6 years. 
  • UV Stabilized material provides the protection from sunlight. 
  • Light in weight and easy to reuse after cleaning
  • Less Space is required.


  • Product Name – Leafy Tales Grow Bags 
  • Dimensions – (L×W×H) – 23cm×23cm×23cm ( approx.)
  • Material – High Density Poly Ethylene.
  • No. of Bags – 8
  • Manufacturer – Leafy Tales
  • Item Weight ( 1 unit ) – 450gm (for 8 bags)

We hope you like this Top 5 Cheap Poly grow bags online India 2021 buying guide. If you have any query or suggestion about this guide then please let us know. We will definitely back to you. Thank you!!!

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