15+ Best Office Plants Which Can Improve Your Office Environment

15+ Best Office Plants: It is scientifically proved that live plants give health benefits. Because of today, hectic work schedule and lifestyle people’s stress level becomes high. Here are a few suggestions which help you to reduce your stress level and also increase your productivity level.

Keeping the plant on your office desk or in office, it not only purifies the air but also helps to reduce stress.

Here are a few plant lists which will create a pleasant environment in which you can work freely and keeps yourself healthy without any harm.

Best Office Plants

Best Office Plants

1. Snake plant

Snake plant

It’s the best for the indoor plants which purify the air and listed by NASA. It can easily survive without water and light for multiple days and a perfect plant for the office place.

2. Pothos

Pothos plant

A very popular plant for every house and office. Their lush green leaf creates a pleasant environment. It can grow in shady areas and water requirements when it dry.

3. Air plant

Air plant

Air plant grows in the air without soil makes it different and more liking plant. Its green foliage grows in air and requires less light to grow.

4. Ivy


It is a beautiful plant for indoor areas. It can grow in the dark area even. Its trailing foliage makes it more popular. It can survive without water for many days.

5. Syngonium


The best purifier plant listed by NASA .it kill toxin and chemical in air and makes them pure. Easy to grow can survive in low light and not require much watering. Water it once in a week if the soil becomes dry.

6. Begonia


There are so many varieties found in the begonia. All have beautiful look because of its texture of leaf and its flower. It can grow in indirect sunlight water when soil becomes dry.

7. Jade plant

Jade plant

Jade plants consider as prosperity plant and also known as a money plant. Beautiful small succulent can grow in less care and water.

8. Succulent


Succulent plants can survive in less water as they store water in their leaves. If you don’t like to water much keep this plant on the desk. These succulents have an eye-catching texture.

9. Zz plant

Zz plant

A beautiful succulent variety which has ladder structure leaf makes it more popular and perfect for any house and offices. It can easily survive in low light and less water.

10. Orchid


Orchid is one the best plant which helps to reduce stress and increase productivity enhance the work environment and also purify the air. It is easy to maintain plant that required indirect light and less water. Water it once or twice a week.

11. Peace lily

Peace lily

If you a bigger space in the office you can opt for this plant. It purifies the air and can grow in low light. Their beautiful flowers enhance office space. Water it when its dry and keep away from direct sunlight.

12. Spider plant

 Spider plant

One of the best plant for indoor which helps to purify the air and also its green white yellow line leaf texture make it more beautiful. A low maintenance plant for every plant lover.

13. Bonsai plant

Bonsai plant

Bonsai plant requires lit bit sunlight so keep it where sunlight falls like on window sill or west side of the office.  It does not require daily watering.  There are plenty of bonsai tree plants that keep you calm at the workplace.  

14. Ficus

ficus plant

There are many varieties comes in ficus plant.  It is also known as weeping fig. a long-lasting plant clean air and best for office. Wax green leaf texture is its best look.

15. Bamboo plant

Bamboo plant

It can grow in shady areas and not require much water. Water it once in 7-10 days. Their long stalk gives additional greenery in an office environment. In the market, there are lucky bamboo plants available that can use on the office desk for prosperity.   

16. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

It required care to grow. It can grow in shady areas and need to water it once in a two-three week. It purifies air and most health benefits plant.

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