Most of us are sniffing and coughing as the monsoon approaches. As we move away from the hot summer heat and into a season of light breezes and cold evenings, our bodies usually need some time to adjust to this temperature change.

Therefore, during this period of seasonal change, it is considered that our immunity is lower than normal and that we are at greater risk of contracting viral infections.

On the other hand, the moisture in the air provides an ideal environment for bacteria and microorganisms to grow and that makes us more vulnerable. Your eating habits can play an important role in keeping you healthy from the inside out and protecting you from monsoon sickness.

Here are some easy-to-grow herbs that you should include in your daily diet during monsoons for healthier immunity and strength.


The holy basil leaves act as natural antibiotics and are known for their excellent immunity boosters. 2-3 leaves of Tulsi every morning can help tremendously in keeping you healthy.


Coriander leaves aid in detoxification and have a cooling effect on the body. Including cilantro in your diet can protect you from inflammatory conditions.


Consisting of one of the highest concentrations of myricetin per 100 grams and rich in vitamins C, A and B9, parsley is an excellent antioxidant to boost immunity.


This wonder herb helps boost immunity and relieve the signs of stomach gas and bloating. Boiling some peppermint leaves in water or drinking peppermint tea with a drop of honey can help cure monsoon infections.


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